Our top hung acoustic walls can be supplied in a wide range of finishes in order to suit different decorative schemes and location types. The option exists for walls to have one finish or colour scheme on one side and a different finish or colour scheme on the other.

The above outlines our standard range of finishes, they carry with them minimal lead times. We are also able to supply many other types of finishes, to include but not limited to:

Dry wipe magnetic finish

TK-Team Magnetic Enamelled Steel Dry Wipe Writing Surface is not a laminate or plastic. It is `fit for purpose`. It won`t break down or go cloudy and carries a ten year guarantee.

The surface is 300 degree baked enamel on 0.4mm steel sheet which is bonded to 11mm or 15mm chipboard or MDF, this is also coupled with an `Alupaper` balancing rear surface.

The surface itself is scratch resistant, stain resistant, fire resistant and chemical resistant and is 100% arsenic free. In addition the combined total of heavy metals used in production (cadmium, mercury, chromium, and lead) is less than 0.1%. Furthermore the steel core is made from a minimum 30% post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

This product is also 99% recyclable.


Divisions offer a wall covering vinyl from a wide range of suppliers such as Tektura, Dixon turner, Muraspec, Vescom and Kvadrat. Please click links below to visit the relevant company.


High pressure plastic laminates from the Formica and Egger ranges.


  • Ash
  • Steamed Beech
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Sapele

Other veneers (including Walnut and White Beech) are available. Please refer to Divisions for prices and lead times.

All veneers offered by Divisions are book matched, constructed from real wood and coated with a clear lacquer.

Forbo Nairn Pinboard

The pin boards finishing material is produced from renewable/ natural products and is antistatic and bacteriostatic so it is hygienic and clean. Pinhole wipes clean with damp cloth or Ph neutral solution and is also guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Specalist Finishes

Upon request we are able to provide Euroclass B and Euroclass C surface spread of flame and acoustic paneling amongst others. We highly suggest that you consult with Divisions prior to placing an order with any special requirements.